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Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping tells you what customers think of your business. Mystery shoppers visit your establishment and buy a product or service, ask questions, behave in a certain way, and then report their experience by simulating a customer Smart and easy analytics help you measure Service Quality, Compliance, and Competitive Insights.

Mystery Customer Service evaluation will help you to not only meet, but exceeds your customer's expectations. Mystery shopping is the way to gage customer satisfaction. It is an asset to any company’s self-improvement & growth. It can be useful to obtain feedback on a wide variety of company functions. Mystery shopper’s comments, usually will help shed light on problem areas along with measuring your efforts on training but it will also check the level of commitment the Employee has towards their Customer’s needs. Typically our mystery customer framework includes quantitative observations that very often is followed up with qualitative interviews.

• Customer experience Audit
• Price check
• Store staff Audit

Customer experience Audit:

Our initial assessment offers a low cost and low risk way to understand exactly how to build and deliver a customer experience that increases customer loyalty and helps grow your business.

We’ll leave you with a clear picture of what to improve and then we can work with you on how to deliver the necessary changes.

We deploy technology to collect the data in a realtime, reliable, transparent and media-rich way.

Price check

We offer, without question, the best Price Audit system on the market, Appexigo conducts what are called Price Checks, PSM (Price Sensitivity Meter) – to be used when you are looking for suitable price for your product

BPTO (Brand Price Trade-off) - when you want to study the brand and price relationship i.e. how the consumers trade-off between brand and price

Choice Based Conjoint (CBC) - when you want to see how consumers tradeoff between brand, features and price

Gabor Granger - to be used when with optimal price, price elasticity and demand curve is required or SRP (Suggested Retail Price) audits or MOP (Market Operating Price) audits in which a customer attempts to purchase a product at the best possible negotiated price. If the price offered violates a brand's pricing guidelines, brands can use various incentivization/disincentivization methods to bring partners back in compliance.

Store staff Audit

It is often said that your brand strategy is only as good as it’s execution in-store and so your brand’s success is hugely dependent on your in-store audit. The purpose of a store audit is to ensure standards are kept high and agreed procedures have been kept to, whilst helping your stores progress towards the goals of the company.

The quality of interaction with staff in a store or a restaurant is the single biggest predictor of a customer's overall experience. A good team member can maximize interaction and conversion and lead to more sales, whereas a poor quality person can do the opposite.

Why Appexigo?

Appexigo Employee background screening services offerings are based on the understanding of your business requirements and providing you the most dependable verification solutions. We combine our business domain knowledge with our technology competence and proven methodologies to deliver high quality results in a cost-effective manner to maximize your competitive advantage and productivity.


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